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A real estate agency is an entity that has the purpose of helping clients find a solution for what they are looking for in the real estate field. Therefore, one of its main functions will be intervention in purchasing, selling and renting property.

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Hire a real estate agency.

Talking about the importance of hiring a real estate agency as an important part of the house/apartment buying process, most of us need to be made aware that a human being not only knows the street of the house and the building.


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Property evaluation

Real estate agencies can evaluate the property and provide a valuation based on the current market.

Advertising and marketing

Real estate agencies can also help advertise and market the property to sellers.

Negotiation of prices and terms

Real estate agencies can also help negotiate prices and terms for their clients.

Real estate experience


Experience is one of the most important things to consider when choosing real estate agency services. 

A trustworthy real estate agency

Finding trustworthy real estate agency services ensures a smooth and scam-free transaction. Here are some ways to find a reliable real estate agency.

Professionalism of a Real Estate Agency in Singapore

In an era where almost everything can be done through the Internet, where you can download all the information from the Internet, where we all use videos to transmit data, and many agencies offer the same properties for sale on the Reserve, it continues. It is as important as ever to work with professionals.


Not only when it comes to being advised by the most prepared real estate agents, with the best market knowledge and a good reputation but also when hiring the best lawyers, interior designers, or tax advisors.

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We have an expert team to advise you with all the legal documentation related to the purchase of condo launch 2024 in Singapore. We carry out precise and detailed valuations and work with the best law firms, tax advisors, and urban planning experts.

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Agencies must consider the future of the company and constantly grow the business, maintaining the quality of their services to the public and an advantage over the competition.

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To achieve a level of excellence, real estate agents must be empathetic, warm, work as a team, have an eye for detail, and build trust with their clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The sum makes the final price of a property of the expenses involved in its production and produced in its creation. Includes construction payment, licenses, permits, etc. In the same wayit considers the value of the land where the building is carried out.

The process of acquiring a property must be established in advance, determining the amounts to be paid at a certain stage: deposit, initial down payment, payment for signing the contract, monthly payment amount, etc.

It is important to observe how real estate agents advertise the sale of their properties. Something needs to be bad if a real estate company uses billboards, fences or mysterious ads with only a WhatsApp number. If a better price is too good for the area, be suspicious.